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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gardening Fancy

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It was days like this that really made the job worthwhile. I'm a gardener you see, freelance, and when the summer finally arrives it's great being outside in the sunshine with nobody to answer to. I make my money doing the gardens of some very nice houses in London and the surrounding counties. The pays good and the tips are an added bonus, especially today's tip.

I'd been looking for a bit more work as the days were long and hot and I've got to make my money while the sun shines. So the wife of one of the owners of a garden I'd been doing said one of her friends needed some help and she thought I might be just what she needed as I'd made such a good job of her place. Very kind of her to recommend me. So anyway, she gave me the address and number of her friend and arranged for me to go round the next day.

When I got there the next morning I couldn't believe the size of the place, it was huge and the garden was a decent size too but in a bit of a state. I went up to the house and was greeted by the friend of my other customer. She showed me through the house, explaining she and her husband hadn't been there long. The decorators had only finished recently but they hadn't had time yet to start on the garden which was where I came in. The inside of the house was beautiful, the interior decorator's had made an excellent job and having seen her friend's garden Janet, as she was called, wanted me to do something with hers that would really compliment the house. We discussed what she wanted and what I could do and afterwards I got stuck in straight away into clearing up so I could really see what I wanted to do with the place. She had virtually given me a free hand and I had some great ideas about what I wanted it to look like.

I toiled away for a couple of hours in the morning sunshine and when it became too hot I stripped down and continued in just my cut off denim shorts and boots, the sun topping up my already golden tan. I looked up at the house a few times as I worked, each time to find Janet watching me from a different room. I smiled each time and she returned the gesture. Around lunchtime she wandered into the garden with a tray of iced lemonade and invited me to sit with her whilst I had a break.

We chatted about various things and I could feel she was eyeing me up as we talked. It turned out her husband was at work most of the time, he was a bigshot in the City somewhere, which was why they could afford a place like this, but she didn't need to work. Lucky for some. I guess she must have been late thirties / early forties, slim, good looking and with an air of self confidence that suggested money and class. I'm sure as we talked she was flirting with me and continued to give me the eye. I of course played up to this to see how far she was prepared to take it, but she broke off after a while saying she'd better let me get back to my work. So with my chances apparently dashed I returned to the garden and continued with my digging.

A short while later I happened to look up at the house again and saw her in an upstairs window watching me once more. This time however she opened the window and called out to me,

"Gary, could you come and give me a hand please, I need your help with something."

"Sure, give me a minute, I'll be right there." I called back.

I finished off what I was doing, put my T-shirt back on and made my way into the house.

I called out on my way up the stairs, unsure as to which room she was actually in.

"In here" came the reply from one of the bedrooms to the left off the long landing. I wandered into the room where I thought the voice came from but couldn't initially see her. I walked over to the window and looked out into the garden to check I was in the room where I saw her from outside and indeed I did seem to be in the right place. As I began to turn and leave the door shut behind me and there, smiling provocatively at me, stood Janet.

Now dressed only in black lace basque and suspenders, matching panties, black seamed stockings and 4 inch stilettos she just stood smiling at me as my eyes widened in disbelief.

"Well, aren't you going to help out a lady in distress?" she asked.

"You don't look very distressed to me" I replied as she stepped forwards towards me.

"Maybe so, but I am very frustrated. My husband lives for his work and shows me no attention when he gets home because he's screwing his secretary."

"Some blokes just don't know when they're well off" I replied. She stepped close to me wound her arms around my neck and pulled me close. Our bodies met and I could feel her full breasts rubbing against my chest through the thin cloth of my T-shirt. She pulled my head down towards hers and began to whisper in my ear.

"Please Gary, make love to me. I need you."

How could I resist. I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her even closer to me. Without speaking I began to kiss her passionately, she responded immediately as first our lips and then our tongues met. As we kissed our bodies ground against each other and I could feel myself beginning to stiffen in my shorts.

"I've been watching you all day" she said.

"Yes, I'd noticed. I thought you were just checking up on me to see how I was doing."

"Only partly, I was more fascinated by your body, it's gorgeous."

"Thank you, but so is yours, I can't understand why your husband's playing away" I wasn't lying either. She was slim but with full breasts, long dark hair and a hot pouty mound which I could feel pushing against me and which I couldn't wait to get into.

I pulled off my T shirt and she rubbed her hands across my tanned chest before sliding them down to undo the button on my shorts. It popped free and she undid the zip and slid a hand inside. As she grasped my quickly growing member I suddenly remembered her husband.

"But what about your husband?" I asked.

"What about him?"

"Well what time will he be home?"

"Don't worry he always stays late at the office on a Thursday. He'll probably be screwing that slut of a secretary in a hotel somewhere morelike. It will be well after midnight when he gets home" she said caustically.

"So what are we waiting for then, let's make the most of the afternoon."

Smiling broadly she resumed her grip and began to wank me inside my shorts. As our tongues met again. I fondled her bottom through the silky sheen of her panties and then slid a hand inside, carressing her buttocks and sliding a finger down the crack of her behind.

We moved over to the bed and lay down together. She wasted no time in ridding me of the remainder of my clothes, my solid dick springing free as she tugged off my shorts.

"Mmm, you're much bigger than my husband" she commented, "I can't wait to feel you inside me, but first things first." Lowering her head her silky lips slipped over the bulbous head of my dick and she took me deep into her mouth. Bobbing her head slowly she slid her lips up and down the length of my shaft sucking me exquisitely as she did so. Holding the back of her head I pulled her down onto me and gently screwed her mouth, her tongue flicking the tip of my glans each time her head neared the top of my shaft. Groaning loudly as she continued I laid back and let her get on with the job she was obviously so expert at, I'd had some good blow jobs before but nothing of this calibre. Her husband's secretary must be something special for him to give this up.

After a while she slowed down, took me from her mouth and kissed me again. I rolled her over onto her back as we kissed and began to fondle her breast through the lacy basque. Slipping a hand inside I uncupped it and began to roll her stiff nipple between my fingers. She sighed as I did so then gasped as I lowered my head and began to lick it and nip it gently between my teeth. Moving over I did the same to her other breast while at the same time my hand crept down over the basque, then over her panties until I reached her thighs. I slid my hand between their enveloping warmth and they parted to my touch. I rubbed the inside of her thighs through the soft nylon before slowly moving to the smooth area above her stocking tops. I could hear her gasp in anticipation as my hand crept higher before it ever so lightly brushed her mound. My fingers crept over it to the elasticated top of her panties and then ran along the rim across her stomach before venturing slowly inside. Her eyes closed, she bit her lip lightly as my fingers trailed throough her short pubic hair. She gasped as they reached her damp lips and began to slide up and down her groove. My fingers soon became very wet with her juices and without any warning I deftly slipped two of them inside her, making her cry out gently as they entered. Our tongues intertwined again as I continued to finger her for a short while before stopping to remove her now soaking panties. She raised her hips high off the bed making their removal very simple and allowing me a close up glimpse of her glistening pussy.

"You put them on" she said as I pulled them off over her stilletto's.


"My knickers, you put them on."


"Because it would really turn me on."

"You seem pretty turned on already."

"I am, but that would make me hornier still" she mused.

"Whatever.." I slipped into them and had to admit they did feel very sexy when they were on, especially the feel of her hot damp juices against my balls.

"They look better on you than they do on me" she viewed.

"Well I wouldn't go that far" I replied.

"I would, now come here and lick my pussy, I'm desperate for you." She lay back and opened her legs wide and I lay between them and began to encircle the inside of her thighs with my tongue. As it trailed to the V at the top of her legs and touched the edges of her lips she sighed out loudly.

"Please Gary, now" she pleaded.

Slipping two fingers into her again my tongue ran up and down her lips and I began to drink at her musky juices. Then as her clit unhooded itself I began to flick at it with my tongue. She really loved this and moaned out loudly from the second I started. She continued to moan as I rolled it around between my teeth and licked at it incessantly, I was determined to make her come and I didn't have long to wait. As I speeded up the delving motions with my fingers she began to rub herself hard against my face, faster and faster we both went until jerking and shuddering she gripped my head and pulled me against her with all her strength whilst I continued to push her over the brink of her orgasm as she cried out hoarsely beneath me. Eventually it subsided, my face now covered in her sticky juices. I wiped it clean with my fingers before sucking them dry and then kissing her again. She lay next to me smiling, her heavy breathing now beginning to die down.

She rolled over towards me and began to rub my erection through the silky knickers.

"Gary, that was fantastic" she whispered, "now I'm going to give you the ride of your life." This I was looking forward to. Her touch and the feel of the silk against my shaft as it ran up and down felt wonderful and my full erection strained against the flimsy cloth. Janet sat up and straddled me but facing the other way. Her lovely tight bare bottom hovered above my groin as she reached down with both hands and pulled the panties to one side. My straining dick sprang free and she grasped it at the base and slowly began to lower herself down towards it. As she neared it I could feel the heat emanating from her pussy until the tip of my glans nuzzled her wet lips. Janet slid the tip along the length of her groove a couple of times until it became wet with her juice and then very slowly began to lower herself down onto it's shaft. We both groaned loudly as inch by inch she impaled herself upon me until I was buried in her up to the hilt. She paused at the bottom to become accustomed to the intrusion and I could feel her muscles gripping me as I revelled in the delights of her hot, damp, luscious pussy. Then, ever so slowly she began to move up and down on me. It was tight at first and she cried out each time she sunk down onto me but as the flow of her juices increased it gradually became easier. Before long she was bouncing up and down like mad and I returned each downward movement of hers with an upward thrust of my own, causing both of us to cry out each time our hips banged together. Without removing me from her depths she then spun round to face me and continued to ride me whilst I licked her stiff nipples.

"Yes Gary, that's it" she breathed as I pounded into her, gripping her arse to pull her down harder onto me each time I pushed into her.

"God Janet, you feel fantastic" I whispered.

I turned her over onto her back and slid my length into her again in one thrust and moaned out as I was again enveloped by her soft, wet folds.

Taking my weight on my arms I began to screw her in long hard thrusts making her cry out each time I forced my length all the way in. She began to claw at my back as I continued and I could sense she was nearing her climax again. Grabbing my buttocks through the silky cloth that still adorned them she pulled me into her harder still and bucked against me wildly. Her climax coursed through her body causing her to arch her back and throw her head backwards, her face contorted in ecstasy. I slowed down as it subsided and pulled out but with no respite I turned her over and entered her from behind once more. The residual effects of her last climax were still present as I slid into her,

"Oh, my God" she moaned, "don't stop."

Again I pounded into her relentlessly, grabbing her dangling tits, rubbing her legs through her stockings and pulling her back onto my thrusts by her hips, The silk of her panties rubbing against her behind each time I slammed into her. Her last climax never seemed to fully subside and again she seemed to be close to coming.

"That's it Janet, come again" I urged. This sent her wilder still. She pushed back onto each stroke and began to cry out,

"Yes, yes Gary, fuck me, I'm coming again, fuck me, fuck me, fuck m..." her voice trailed off mid sentence as again her body started to shudder beneath me, my own climax now very close I banged away forcefully as she continued to endure her own orgasm and then with one last thrust my spunk gushed forth and I too shouted out with pleasure as spurt after spurt shot out inside her. We collapsed on the bed as I withdrew from her and she went down on me again, licking and sucking the culminated juices from my dick. When she'd extracted every last drop from me we rested until we had recovered enough to do it all again. I could see it was going to take a few months for the garden to take shape.

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Sunday, March 05, 2006


I am a forty-three year old guy who had been married for 25 years until my wife told me one day that I was not a man in bed and that my cock was not meeting her needs, in other words too small. I went into an eight month state of depression till a friend introduced me to the sport of mountain biking. He got me to get myself into shape and to get some self-esteem back. But it still did not improve my confidence with woman. Not too many men I know would really want to dive back into another worrying whether she is going to tell him one day hey guy your dicks too small take a hike. So instead of taking a woman with me on my vacation biking in the Rockies I decided to take just me.

I spent most of the day biking to the top of a mountain I had been told that if you made it to the top there was a trail that returned back to camp that would let you fly. Some guys had even bragged of hitting speeds of 40-50 Mph. I pushed off and about half way down found out they were right you could get flying. I was really letting it hang out when I rounded a corner and caught a glimpse of something in the trail. Before I could react I was sent airborne, landing flat on my back knocking the wind from me and tearing skin from my back. I was still seeing stars when a face appeared above me. It was a vision of such beauty, that I knew I had died and gone to heaven. She had hair of gold, eyes dark blue, and a face of a goddess.

She was asking if I was Ok, saying I’m sorry at the same time. I was so captured by her beauty that it took me a few minutes to realize that I in fact was not dead and that she as saying, she was sorry she had been in the middle of the trail and caused the accident. I slowly rose up to a sitting position to take stock of the situation. I looked over the front wheel of my bike was trashed, my arms, legs, and back hurt like hell and were tore up but good. After I saw my bike I got pissed and turned to chew this dumb ass out but when I turned her beauty hit like a ton of bricks and the tears in her eyes melted my heart instantly. We both stood up, me aching all over and she was apologizing like crazy. It was then that I noticed her well-shaped body, large breast with large nipples protruded from her form-fitting shirt.

Her waist was narrow and very athletic looking. I looked down at her legs, which was muscular and tan. She was around twenty if she was a day. Despite aching all over I found myself becoming aroused, and standing there in a pair of spandex bike shorts she had to have noticed too, but gave no indication.

I went and picked up my now trashed bike and contemplated how long it was going to take me to walk the five miles back to camp. The young lady came up to me and said she would walk back with me to keep me company. I told her she didn’t have to but she insisted. As we walked she told me her name was Candie and that she was going to spend some time here camping and biking. I asked her if her boyfriend or husband was going to join her here. She didn’t answer right away but finally said she was married but her husband was not going to be there with her. I asked how come and she went on to explain that she had put on some weight after have two kids and that her husband wouldn’t sleep with her until she lost the weight.

Well, she said she had worked her ass off getting her weight off, even took up biking to help out. But no matter how hard she worked he was always telling her she was fat. The guy needed glasses, here was a woman who was drop dead gorgeous. Firm large tits, big nipples (probably from breast feeding her kids), perfect tear drop ass and tan legs that went all the way up. Most guys I know would commit murder to bed a woman like this, including me. I again had to shake such thoughts from my head because I was sporting a hard on that stuck out from those damn tight shorts, and I’m sure Candie noticed cause I thought I caught her looking that direction once or twice.

When we got back to camp it was getting late and I needed a shower. Candie wanted to pay for the wheel that was bent but I told her not to bother and told her I would get a new one tomorrow. I gather up my clothes and stuff to shower and headed off. I noticed Candie had grabbed her stuff and was headed to the showers too. I undressed and took note of the damage done in the wreck and choked it up to just a bad day. I stepped into the shower and let the warm water cascade or me washing away the dirt but reviling the scratches as the soap and water washed the cuts.

I had just finished washing my hair when I realized I could hear the shower running next door. I knew Candie was in there washing the day’s dirt from her. My mind drifted into a vision of her rubbing soap onto her hands and rubbing it over her breast, her nipples getting hard from the touch. Her hands cover in soap traveling down her belly to her pussy. It was so real that I could see the soap covering her. I could see her bending over breast hanging down as she soaped her beautiful legs down. Her tear drop ass high in the air, her …damn…I came around suddenly when someone came in to use the bathroom. I hadn’t even realized I had grabbed my cock and was stroking it I was so involved. Quickly I rinsed off and dressed hoping no one had seen me jerking myself.

I returned to my tent and was getting dinner ready when Candie came over and asked if I would like to have a glass of wine with her. How could I refuse here was a twenty-year-old beauty asking this old man to have a drink? I followed her to her camp and sat down as she poured us our drinks. Damn that tasted good after a day of dust and pain. We made small talk about how she wished her hubby would want her more, to make love to her. It must have been a combination of wine, no food, and her beauty because all of a sudden I blurted out that if she was my wife she would never get off her back.

She looked at me in total shock, I figured any minute she would slap me and make me go. But she didn’t, I started to apologize but she placed a soft finger to my lips to stop me. We stared at each other second, then something came over me. I couldn’t resist it any more and leaned forward and kissed her. Her lips were like rose petals so soft it made me take a deep breath. I pulled back again waiting to get smacked but I didn’t instead, she leaned forward and kissed me, our lips parted as our tongues sought to find one another. A soft moan escaped her lips and we kissed for what seemed like and eternity.

Her kiss was like no other, I was literally drunk with passion, I wanted her so badly. But how could a woman such as her want and old fart like me. I pulled away, she looked at me and asked if she had done something wrong, I told her no and went on to explain to her about what my wife had done and said and even blurted out that I was to old for her. She looked at me a second and said to her age was just numbers and that she found me very sexy and attractive. With that we kissed again this time with even more passion that before.

She got took me by the hand and led me to her tent, once inside we continued were we had left off. I found my hands roaming all over her body, even through her clothes I could feel how firm and athletic she was. My hands snaked under her shirt and found here soft tits, topped with large very hard nipples. As my hand found them she moaned and arched her back, she even broke our kiss to tell me to pinch her nipples that it really made her wet. I took a nipple between my fingers and applied pressure, damn, you thought I had shot her with a thousand volts of electricity.

She was moaning and rubbing her legs all over me, she was a wild cat, in fact she was squirming so much that I thought I would not able to hold on to her. She reached down and with one pull removed her shirt, her tits were as tan as her legs, topped with large tan nipples. Her hand reached up and pulled my head down so I could suck on them. God they were nice, I sucked one then the other, never wanting to stop. As I sucked her tits my hand slide down and unsnapped her pants, then I slid my hand into her panties and found a soaking wet pussy. She was wet and hot I was able to slide two fingers straight into her steaming pussy. As I did she came with such force that I thought for a second she would hurt herself, I had never seen a woman cum so hard in my life, not to mention the scream of I’M cumming, so loud I figured the ranger five miles away heard her.

I was disappointed thinking now that she came I was out of luck cause the few times my wife got off she would go to sleep straight after and I would be left to my own demise. Wrong, Candie finished taking her clothes off revealing her all over tan and fantastic body. She smiled, then reached up to pulled down my sweat pants, I reach for her and stopped her. She looked at me and with a soft soothing voice asked me why I had stopped her. I told her that I was afraid to show any woman my cock because of what my wife had said, that it was too small. She looked me dead in the eye and said…I’ll be the judge of that and with one quick jerk had my pants down.

For a second no one moved. Fear gripped me like a cold fist. Finally Candie spoke, small cock, your old lady must have had a pussy the size of the Grand Canyon. It’s twice the size of my old mans. With that lowered her mouth to my now straining cock and put it into her warm mouth. The sensation was almost more than I could stand. She slowly moved her mouth up and down first real slow then real fast, she was literally killing me with pleasure. I told her that I was going to cum, and did, I didn’t think I would every stop cumming from the sensation of the greatest blow job I had ever had.

Candie moved up and snuggled up next to me and asked if I had enjoyed it. Hell yes I said, she then told me her old man wouldn’t let her suck his cock, told her she wasn’t that good. Her old man was an idiot, she had just given me the best head ever.

We talked a while and kissed a little, then a little more, then some more, till we were both hot as hell. She parted her legs as I moved between them. I wanted to get inside her like now, but decided to give her soon pleasure with my tongue. As I move into position she told me no one had every done that, not even her husband, he told her it was unnatural. I assured her it was ok and dove in. She tasted so good I never wanted to stop. She was tense at first but soon relaxed, and really got into it cumming many times, she came so hard one time I thought she would break my neck.

I was really enjoying getting her off with my mouth but I wanted her see what it was like inside her pussy. I moved up so my cock was just pushing against her pussy hole, feeling her wetness, when she told me that she had never had anybody but her husband inside her. I looked into her eyes and told her it was going to be like making love to a virgin. With that her heels dug into my ass and pushed me into her wet pussy. My good I have never been into a woman with such a wet and hot pussy. It was as if it was on fire. She moaned as my cock sank into her, she pushed up to meet my penetration. I didn’t move for a few minutes I just wanted to enjoy the fantastic feeling that I was getting from being inside Candie. We slowly began to move in unison. My cock siding in and out of her with no effort. It felt so good that I never wanted it to end. But we both must have been horny as hell cause before long we were thrashing around all over inside of the tent.

Me grunting like a wild animal and her moaning as if it was her first time. At one time during our romp she flipped herself over on top and rode me as there was no tomorrow. Her wetness running down my cock to my cum laden balls. I finally ended back on top her legs on my shoulders driving into her for all I was worth. Sweat was dripping from both of us as we came together me gritting my teeth so hard I thought they would chip and her arching her back and screaming she was cumming not once, not twice, but three times, they were like spasms’ one after another. I rolled off her short of breath and sweating like I had run a marathon. They only thing that I heard her say at first was “oh my god that was good, I have never cum like that, never” I turned to her and smiled, then kissed her.

We cuddled up and feel asleep later awaking and making love slow and easy taking time to explore every inch of her. We spent the rest of the week we had together biking and making love. It was a weekend that I will never soon forget.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Up All Night Down Under

The Perth, Australia bar and grill was filled with American sailors and Marines -- they'd arrived a week ago and were to leave in two days. It was the fourth Thursday of November, and some of the troops looked bothered they were missing some American holiday called Thanksgiving. Something they wanted to spend in the States, not Perth.

She didn't know why they were so depressed. In America, it was about winter time -- here, on the other side of the Equator, it was summer and the beaches were filled with Aussie girls wanting American-accented military men.

Michelle had laughed about the idea earlier in the day. The last thing she wanted was a fling with some arrogant American, but her teenage coworker was praising the skills of a Marine she'd bedded the night before. When one insisted Michelle go out with "the guys," she'd initially declined. Then she thought she might just meet a friendly U.S. boy.

Michelle didn't want to go out with the company's old buggers. They were a bunch of arrogant asses she worked with at the timber company, but they persuaded her to go out. So here she was, with five old, ugly typical guys. They cracked jokes about the waitresses as they drank their beer, but Michelle was feeling okay after four rum and Cokes -- she didn't even hear the burly coworkers anymore. She was paying attention to the brown-haired American a table away.

How long had it been since she'd had sex? A year since her husband left her and her son? At least a year. Last night didn't count, because masturbation isn't sex unless a person is a nun or a priest -- and Michelle was far from that. She wasn't a whore, but she was definitely not a nun. She loved orgasms. She was approaching her sexual peak, being 33-years-old.

The man -- hell, not really a man, he couldn't have been older than 21 -- he was cute, and he smiled a lot. She liked that idea. He laughed with his two friends, and he smiled as they laughed at his jokes. Sure seemed like he would treat a woman right from a table away.

Navy photographer's mate 2nd class Nick Boston looked at his watch. It was 9:54 p.m. He smirked at his luck. Single and in Australia, he hadn't hooked-up once -- and he was on duty in eight hours. He'd decided to leave the Perth scene at 10 p.m., go back to USS Wake Island and get a good night of sleep before having to help the public affairs pukes with shipboard tours at Zero-Dark-30.

"John," he looked at one of his Marine friends, "I gotta fucking rack out. I'm going to leave." He was disappointed. He had fallen in love about 435 times an hour while walking the Perth and Fremantle streets; he had fallen in lust twice as many times; but it was all for naught. No sex, no kisses, nadda. A few nice smiles, but no sex. He would have to wait until the ship returned to its home port in Bremerton, Washington in December -- the girls there liked to cuddle up in the chilly weather.

Michelle saw the boy look at his watch and indicate he was leaving -- she saw him say "going to leave." Thank God they both spoke English. She sipped down her rum and Coke and got brave.

"HEY!" she yelled over the Rolling Stone's music. "Hey you!" The brown-haired man turned and looked at the blonde woman sitting surrounded by five husky Australia's. They looked like lumberjacks. He decided she wasn't talking to him and looked at his friends.

"She's talking to you, dude," John said.


"Hey, you!" Michelle yelled again. If this didn't work, she was going to give up. She thought he was cute, but wasn't going to waste her efforts or self-esteem on a boy who wouldn't look at her twice.

"Me?" he asked, confirming. The woman smiled. "Yes, you. Come here. You and your friends, come here. Come talk with us. We like talking to American's. You are fun to hang out with."

That accent -- that Australian accent -- was drove him nuts. He loved the tone of her voice. She was pretty. Older, maybe 30 or 35, but pretty. Blonde hair to her shoulders. Big blue eyes, but somehow she looked sad. Like a person whose heart had slipped into the mighty Pacific Ocean. He sat down with his two friends and the group exchanged handshakes and how-do-you-dos. He was right, the Australians were lumberjacks like the men he knew in Washington State. The woman -- Michelle -- got up and forced the men to move one seat over so she could sit next to the American who she first noticed -- Nick.

"Hi," she leaned over to him, putting her chin on his bicep. She felt strength there. "Wow. Impressive," she smiled wrapping her hand around his arm. He hid his muscle in a loose fitting shirt -- most men would show that off, she thought. It made her desire him even more, but he looked so clueless to the notion -- like he was just going with the flow.

"Thanks," he smiled.

Michelle leaned up and kissed him, pulled back two inches and looked at him. He didn't try to jam his tongue in her mouth, he just accepted the kiss and kissed back lightly. It was the perfect first kiss. She felt him exhale, air brushing against her face -- he smelled fresh, his breath clean -- not like other men she'd been with, scented with two days of body odor and coffee. She wrapped her hand into his and kissed him harder, flickering her tongue into his mouth.

Okay, he decided, I'm not going to make 10 p.m. Taps-taps-lights-out on the ship tonight. I'm going to stay in Perth for a little while longer. I'll be back onboard before midnight, though. Probably.

"I've got a secret to tell you," she said, leaning closer and whispering into his ear. "I'm going to fuck the hell out of you tonight."

Midnight suddenly sounded a little early.

"You two should go get a room," a sailor said at the table. Laughter erupted among the seven guys drinking beer and talking dick-and-fart jokes while they looked at the couple acting like 15-year-olds making out for the first time. "A fuckin' room," one of the lumberjacks added. More laughter, but Michelle just glared into Nick's eyes and stood up.

"We are. Bye." She lead him by the hand and embraced him as he stood up. It was the first time their entire bodies touched in the dark but-lively-bar. Her body was electrified, like she was on her honeymoon again -- except this was different. This man liked to smile, unlike her exhusband. He bitched and complained like a girl with acne at the Christmas formal dance.

Michelle felt his body -- as much as she could without being booted out quickly. The boy was about a half-metre taller than her, and felt ripped underneath his clothes -- but it wasn't something a person would know just looking at him. He had no body fat she could feel. His hazel-green eyes looked down into hers. His skin was tanned with freckles on the back of his shoulders. She wanted him. She repeated the fact to him.

"I'm going to fuck the hell out of you tonight."

This is insane, Nick thought. This is going to be some terrible joke. This chick's going to have a dick or something. I don't have this kind of luck. Beautiful women go for jerks, I've seen it four thousand times -- why did she pick me? And she was beautiful, the more he looked at her, the more he realized it. Fifteen years ago, she was probably the queen of her high school prom -- or whatever they have down here down under. She had a small body and small breasts -- but he liked the idea of holding all of her in his arms -- if it wasn't a terrible joke or transvestite looking to upend his night.

Ten minutes later, they were checking into a nice hotel three blocks away. Nick asked for a room with a spa and balcony. If it did go south, he wanted to at least be able to get some rest himself. They kissed in the elevator and he reached his fingers up and down Michelle's body. Spreading her legs apart and pressing his hand against her pussy, he felt how she melted against him.

She wanted to cum right there -- right in the lift. Why had he called it an elevator? Funny language differences, American's saying a lift is an elevator. Well, hopefully "fuck" means the same thing in both versions of English -- so far it seemed like Nick translated it the same way she did, despite their different nationalities and the apparent generation gap.

He fumbled with the cardkey to the room and they kissed frantically like it was their night of losing virginity. For Michelle, it had been 15 months since her ex-husband last touched her. For Nick, his last affair was with a friend of his named Jenni from a coffee house in Bremerton.

Nick pulled off Michelle's gray sweatshirt, her small breasts held in place by a gray bra. He nuzzled against her body. Her white skin tasted like heaven as he ran his teeth and tongue against her sternum. His hands darted up her back, massaging the back of her ribs with the palm of his hand and unclipping her bra with the second. It fell to the floor revealing her 32B breasts -- her nipples hard in the excitement of the moment.

He returned to her lips, took off his shirt and held her close.

"Michelle ... we don't have to do anything if you don't want to," he offered. He hated the idea of taking advantage of a lonely woman, no matter where he was at.

"What did I tell you before?" she smiled.


"I told you I'm going to fuck the hell out of you. Now, get on the bed," she smiled, pushing him down onto the comforter. She straddled his waist and touched his body while he kissed her chest. No body fat on him, she thought again. She never was with a better-looking man. She felt intimidated, like he would suddenly realize he could do better and leave her in this room. And she didn't need that now. She wanted to get laid.

His hands caressed her waist, breasts, shoulders and neck as she reached back to grab his crouch with her left hand.

"Damn," he breathed. "You're so beautiful."

"You're just saying that because my hands on your nads," she spoke with her accent flooding his ears.

"No. You are really so beautiful. Why are you so sad?"

She leaned to his face and kissed him.

"I'm not sad, love. I'm not sad tonight. Be happy with me."

He rolled Michelle onto her back and weighed his body against her. He knew one way to make her happy. He pulled down her grey stretch pants and panties in one motion -- she kicked off her shoes.

He stood, looked down at her and wish he had his camera for the moment. She was beauty. He slowly pulled off her socks and kissed from her Achilles' Heel, calf muscle and ran his tongue -- firmly running it up beyond her knee. Her legs spread as his head pried them open, his hands wrapped in back, holding her ass -- and he pressed his mouth against the woman's warm, wet passion. Her hair down under was unlike any other women he had pleasured. It was soft, blonde. Some girls had steel brush for pubic hair, but not this one. He thought he would never tire of tasting this woman -- and he didn't have to worry about bristle-rash.

Michelle's legs rested on Nick's shoulders and back. God, she was feeling so wet by just looking at the boy -- and now he was pleasing her. It was like a fantasy she'd never even considered coming true. A handsome American sailor ravaging her -- not some lame boyfriend who used her as a penis-outlet for 13 seconds a night.

She gyrated as he tongued her, lashing against her pussy. When was the last time anybody gave her oral? she thought. Not in her five years of marriage -- and just twice while they'd been engaged -- and that was lousy. Someone had taught this sailor well -- he seemed happy where he was at, and Michelle let him know she appreciated it. Heat climbed up her loins and through her spinal cord. She matted his hair as she held his head between her legs softly.

"Oh, God. That's amazing. That feels good, hon. So good -- oh so good."

It just encouraged him. He sucked on her clit harder, freed one of his hands and played with her clit -- then sank a finger into her while he sucked on her clit and lips of her pussy. The snapping of wetness make him urn to be inside her, but he kept licking until she was screaming in ecstasy.

"OH -- Oh my, YES YES!" she yelped. She flailed clawing Nick's neck with one hand and set of fingernails, and grabbing a pillow with the other to scream into hoping to contain the ecstasy. The fingernails scratched him, and he felt an instant of pain and pleasure. He kissed back up her body and laid his weight onto her. "You okay?" he asked.

"I am so okay," she confirmed, pushing him over and straddling his body. "Do you have protection?" Michelle asked.

"Um, I am a believer in the Second Amendment," he smiled.

"What?" she asked confused.

"Forget it. Dumb American joke. Yes. I have condoms."

"What do you call it?"


"Oh -- you mean rubbers?"

"Yeah," he smiled. "That's what I called them in seventh grade when I was as likely to use them as I was likely to use an AARP card."

"AARP card? What is that?"

"Um, forget it," he smiled. Some humor doesn't translate. She kissed his lips and bare chest as he fished for the protection in his front pocket. He'd grabbed them from the quarterdeck -- partially as a joke, but he didn't know. Now, he was glad it did ... this would be a hell of a time to be looking for condoms.

Her naked body straddled him and unbuttoned his jeans, ripping them down. She looked at his white Fruit of the Loom briefs and squealed in laughter.

"What is that?" Michelle said incredulously.

"What is what?" Nick asked. Suddenly, he felt stupid. Was the hardness stretching from his underwear so embarrassingly small that it just made this woman giggle insultingly.

"What are this?" she grabbed the underwear.


"They aren't right."

"What do you mean?" he laughed.

"I've never seen underwear like these before."

"There briefs," he smiled. "Boxers aren't easy to come buy on Navy ships. Don't ask me why. Some subrule of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' or something."


"Forget it, Michelle. Briefs are pretty common for Americans. I prefer boxers, but don't have any on this trip. I left comforts at home."

"Oh." She rubbed the hardness underneath and looked at the 21-year-old. His body was V-shaped, like he worked out exclusively to have sex and make women wet. It was so well-hidden in the clothes he wore, though, that it made her feel that much more pleased with her moments of bravery that brought her to this point.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard," she smiled again.

He held up the condoms from his jeans. He'd brought a packet of nine -- again, partially as a joke. God knew he would never need more than two in a given night -- three max.

"Rubbers, ma'am." She grabbed the LifeStyle packet and ripped it open. It had been ten years since she'd used one, but the were like bicycles -- and she wanted to be riding this one right now. She pulled Nick's brief's down and pulled on his cock. It was large -- larger than her other lovers. Not frightenly large, but probably nine inches and thick. She thought about going down on him, but decided she just wanted to feel it inside her. A blow job could wait until another moment of the night.

Michelle encased the cock in the safe-sex device and slowly lowered herself down -- the hardness spreading her pussy apart -- her pussy slowly letting the 21-year-old inside her. It took forever -- but she loved every moment of it. She braced her hands on his large chest and started fucking him. Her hair hung down and she kissed him, going faster and faster as she rode him -- then leaned back and fucked him while she played with her clit. His hands squeezed her legs and knees -- and two fingers visited hers at her pussy.

"Oh yea! Oh yes!" she yelled. "Oh God -- mmm ..." her tone turned erotic -- she was going to cum again. She rapidly pounded herself onto the American, her breasts shaking, her hair shifting from side-to-side, up-and-down. "OH ... GOD," she came again.

They fucked for 25 minutes and four positions before he took her from behind, grabbing her hips and slamming into her doggie style. She screamed back into the pillow coming over and over before his cock finally erupted into the rubber. Her body felt like it was being held a yard above a lava flow. Nick exited his body, the condom filled with his cum. He took it off and smiled, partly happy the LifeStyle worked through all the heat.

Twenty minutes later, they were fucking each other again -- she racked her nails on his chest, scratches coming from it in red burns. They made love slowly and then quickly -- intensely. They fell asleep in each other's arms for an hour and woke up longing for each other.

"I think I have an overactive prostrate," he laughed as his hardness penetrated into Michelle again.

"I don't mind," she squealed. "I don't mind at all."

After ten minutes of lovemaking, they decided to get into the spa. They walked into the bathroom and turned on the hot water. They kissed and danced. Michelle pulled the latest rubber off his now lowering member.

"What happened?" she said.

"What do you mean?"

"What's wrong with your cock?" she looked stunned. Nick looked down. One side of his cock was brown and purple. Oh crap, he feared, this girl isn't a transvestite, but she's got some vicious STD that has eaten through condom-rubbers and is eating away my penis' flesh. He reached down and examined it. It was painful. He calmed for a moment and then realized the problem.

"Oh my God, Michelle," he laughed. "You bruised my cock."

She giggled and then frowned. "I'm sooo sorry. I didn't mean too, I'm sorry."

"It's okay. It was worth it," Nick smiled. He looked at the clock. It was 2 a.m. -- somehow he was going to have to remember that he had to make it back to his ship before 8 a.m. muster.

Michelle lowered herself down to her knees. "I'm going to kiss that to try to make it better," she said, inhaling Nick's cock in her mouth. She put her hands on his hips as she began deep throating him. She was happy she decided to fuck the hell out of him -- but she decided he had fucked the hell out of her as well. She hoped the night wasn't going to be over for several more hours.